Our production partners grow plugs and liners for distribution all over the world.
two people examing trays of seedlings in a greenhouse
Advanced seed technologies and testing strategies that the Ball Premier Lab has developed over the years have improved efficiency for our customers as well as reducing labor costs and storage issues.
seed technician in the lab
The Ball Premier Lab provides growers with seed inputs they can rely on to increase margins through decreased labor, higher production efficiency using automated technology, and reduced shipping and storage issues from higher-quality seed.
seed coating machine
Ball has developed partnerships with leading breeders and producers around the world to provide the highest quality seed and cuttings to our grower customers.
Edwin Verheijen - seed valley
Department managers receive ongoing training and are skilled in helping their employees reach their goals.
manager pointing at an employees screen
Our advanced order picking, packing and shipping technologies ensure that our seed is delivered on time and in highest quality condition.
person scanning seed packet with reader
Industry-leading packaging and storage conditions give our grower customers the freshest seed, easier sowing and storage, and the extra edge in production tracking. 
people packaging seed
In-house technical support teams offer quick, simple and reliable production guidance to our customers.
todd cavins - one of our technical support team
Seed from all over the world is shipped to Ball® and processed in climate-controlled environments to ensure we have the widest, freshest assortment on the market.
inside our seed vault