The Gardens at Ball

Visit the Gardens at Ball

Visiting the Gardens at Ball

The Gardens at Ball are located at the Ball Horticultural Company worldwide headquarters in West Chicago, Illinois. They are closed to the general public, however Garden Clubs and Master Gardener groups can arrange for a visit during the month of August through Faye Hannell. Garden writers, photographers or members of the press should contact Public Relations Manager Katie Rotella.

If you need assistance while visiting, contact any Ball employee present in the Gardens, or proceed to the main building across from the Garden Gateway entrance.

Visit the Gardens at Ball

Etiquette in The Gardens at Ball

To keep our grounds in the finest condition for enjoyment by all visitors, we ask that you follow these rules during your visit:

  • Park in designated visitor parking.
  • Stay on the paths.
  • Do not remove any plant, any part of a plant or any plant labels.
  • Children must be supervised.
  • Please be considerate of business activities in the Gardens.
  • Do not play in or near the water features.
  • Public shelter is not available on the grounds during inclement weather.
The following are not permitted:
  • Smoking
  • Public picnicking
  • Littering
  • All animals except Assistance Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Radios and other broadcasting devices
  • Active sports including tree climbing
  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, roller shoes and motorized vehicles

We Welcome Photographers

We hope you will take home lasting memories of your visit to The Gardens at Ball. Photography is encouraged on our grounds. Images may be reproduced only in connection with the marketing of Ball Horticultural Company products. The correct variety name must be used in connection with any reproduction. Images may not be licensed or resold. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

Visit the Gardens at Ball
Visit the Gardens at Ball

Our Sustainable Landscapes

Guests are invited to visit the streetscape along the front of our building as well as our Ball Park courtyard gardens. These areas not only provide an eye-catching showcase for many of our plant varieties, but also improve the environmental quality of these areas. More than 22,000 native, prairie and savannah plants were installed in 2012.

Consultant & Contractor: WRD Environmental, Chicago, Illinois

The Ball Ecological Restoration Project

The Ball campus is located on land that was originally mostly prairie, with a few acres designated as wetland. In 2003, an ecological restoration project was started on 30 acres at the southwest corner of the campus to return this area to its native, balanced state and re-establish a wide variety of plants and animals. This restoration will benefit not only the people who enjoy it in the years to come, but will also play a key role in improving water, air and soil quality. Visitors are invited to walk the paths in the area and learn more through the interpretive signs.

Consultant & Contractor: Pizzo & Associates, Leland, Illinois

Visit the Gardens at Ball